Customer who used the endermologie lift 11 times
Early 40`s

I had acne marks on my face from my 20`s. This was compounded with my skin losing its elasticity and smile lines appearing on my face. I worried a lot, maybe too much. Since I started receiving the endermologie lifts, my skin has become more beautiful and the blemishes have reduced. Recently, a lot of my friends say to me that I have a small petite pretty face, which I did not know until now. A small face…I was surprised as I had never heard this.

Customer who tried the endermologie lift
Early 40`s

I started becoming conscious about the swelling around my eyes and the eyestrain as well. After doing the Endermologie treatment, I had an immediate relief of the swelling even after just one eye had been done. I was surprised at the size of my eyes and how easily they opened after the treatment.

Customer who tried the endermologie lift 10 times
Early 40`s

I was asked from a junior colleague in my company who I had not seen for a while “What are you doing with your skin? It is so clear and beautiful.” This was the first time in a long time that someone had commented positively about my skin. The Endermologie lift can be pinpointed on various parts of your face. As for me, I had it on my eyelids. In the end my eyelids became more distinctive.

Customer who tried the endermologie Lift
Early 50`s

I didn`t realize that there would be no swelling of the face (after the treatment) and I found that my face seemed more relaxed and easier to move after the treatment. It looks so natural and my face has become brighter.

Customer who participated in a trial of the thermo shaping for their face
Early 30`s

Even after only one treatment it is easy to see the changes in my face. I can already feel the difference when I chew (e.g. meat) I don`t feel the thickness of my cheeks (the plumpness has decreased).

Customer who tried the thermo shaping treatment 3 times
Early 50`s

After the treatment I could feel that my skin was rejuvenated and the slack and tension on my face was gone. My skin had returned to its natural beautiful self, I had almost given up on this happening for me. This can happen at any age I realized!