※The illustrations below show the change in the body after each treatment .It shows the standard time and the number of times (treatment time and the number of times over which you will able to see the changes in your body).

At OLIVE we use the both the latest LPG endermologie machine and also the thermo shaping machine from the Alma Laser Corporation. (Please refer to the page about these machines for further information.)

The big difference between the two machines is that the thermo shape machine only “shapes” the parts that you are worried about and want to pay particular attention to, whereas, the endermologie machine treats the whole body.

Endermologie practitioners use the machine to stimulate the lymph which will help you to improve the circulation of the blood. Focussing on the subcutaneous fat under the skin, the radio waves of the machine thermo shape and melt the fat at once. The common point of both machines is that they activate fibroblasts (a cell in connective tissue that produces collagen). However, these machines are not for losing weight. What we are aiming for is for your skin to be supple and your body stimulated and refreshed.

It is said that the combination of these two machines yield results more effectively and efficiently. At OLIVE we can propose a treatment course and method best suited to your budget and your physical condition. There is no time set in the menu when looking for this, so please talk to our staff for further information when you want to utilize this service.


The body suited to endermologie and thermo shaping
Those with a body that has lots of fat around the entire body and find it difficult to get rid of hard cellulite from the body are well suited for this treatment.
Those with a body which does not move well or as much as previously, and flabby skin around the neck and should, bad posture and even a stoop are also well suited for this kind of treatment.
The body we are aiming for
We aim at reducing fat around the shoulder to help to achieve a beautiful body (a good figure for your shape) no matter the angle you are looking from (back, side, front etc). However, it is not simply a matter of losing weight. We help to create a fit and balanced body. Weight is not lost quickly. It happens over time. And with this empowerment we will help you maintain your ideal weight and body shape and to create a healthy body.

The standard treatment course for women in their 40`s who have relatively soft skin, but whose hands and feet get cold easily and may even have poor circulation. Please refer to the illustration to see the changes which occur after having this treatment.

Treatment content Number of times Period
Endermologie 60 minutes 35 times 4-5 months
Endermologie 60 minutes 20 times 2-3 months
Thermo shaping 90 minutes 10 times 2 months

Partial shaping

The body suited to partial shaping
Partial shaping helps to attack hard cellulite that is dimpling on the surface of the buttocks/hip area which does not have a distinctive borderline between the hips and legs. If your stomach is protruding when you sit, even though other parts of your body have little fat. The waistline also may not be curvy or have little to no distinctive outlines to help form a nice figure.
The body we are aiming for
In addition to the whole body, endermologie can also intensively care for other parts We offer you counselling to help you decide which is better for you (endermologie or thermo shaping )depending on your condition and severity such as sagging skin or if you have poor circulation (through your hands and feet) . Please feel free to contact us for further information or to make a reservation.

A standard of treatment for those who are in their 40’s

Treatment content Time Number of times
Endermologie Treatment 60 minutes 35 times ※We offer various treatments (various machines) and treatment contents depending on your age, stiffness, and the location of your fat.
Endermologie Treatment 60 minutes 20 times
Thermo-shaping Treatment 90 minutes 10 times

MENU※ tax-included

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Most popular body treatments.

Who is this recommended for? Worried about body swelling, cellulite, body fatigue and poor circulation.
Price 1 time ¥10,000 (¥10,800 5 times ¥45,000 (¥48,600 10 times ¥80,000 (¥86,400 
※Trial session is available for ¥5,400.
you want to have it as a trial.
The treatment procedure The total time for this treatment is around 80 minutes. This includes the counselling, removal of clothes for the treatment, and finally the treatment. The time is dependent also on how long clients take to undress to prepare for the treatment.
The machine we use LPG Endermologie Machine (the latest version)


This treatment is done by the latest integral endermologie machine. It is the most popular at OLIVE as you can create an “ideal” body line without any rebound, and we take care of the parts that you are most self conscious about.

The endermologie machine is the most loved weight reduction machine among spas worldwide. However, the machine itself does not procure such amazing results. It requires the skill and expertise of a trained technician due to its difficulty. At OLIVE we have highly skilled experts who customise each treatment thoroughly and take into consideration the individual customer`s body conditions. We never just give you a treatment. We take all factors into consideration and evaluate what is best for you. If you have problematic cellulite, we give you a treatment focussing on those areas. If you suffer from swelling, we give you a treatment which helps to reduce and ultimately remove your swelling. If you suffer from sagging skin, we help to tighten your skin. As we are a small salon, we can give you thorough and personalized treatments.

At the beginning we recommend taking treatments once or twice a week. After 3 months, we then recommend it once or twice a month. The process takes time, but with this treatment you can change your body slowly, carefully and seriously without any alarm of returning back to where you started. Most importantly, you can relax your body and mind while receiving these treatments. We definitely recommend this treatment!

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This is a “gorgeous” machine with the capability to partially reduce and remove excess fat you want taken away.

Who is this recommended for? This treatment is recommended for customers who find it difficult to lose weight/are unhappy about parts of their bodies such as legs, arms, belly/want to have a noticeable waistline.
Price 1 time ¥20,000 (¥21,600
5 times ¥90,000 (¥97,200
10 times ¥160,000 (¥172,800
You can have a trial of this treatment for only ¥10,800.
The treatment procedure In total this treatment will take approximately 110minutes. This consists of counselling, changing clothes and the thermo shaping procedure.
The machine we use We use the Alma Laser Thermo shape machine.


Thermo shaping is a powerful treatment that uses radio waves to directly attack the cellulite (subcutaneous fat). The machine reaches a temperature of 42 degrees which helps to soften and stretch the fat cells. This treatment is highly recommended for those with little time to spend in salons. Thermo shaping is limited to concentrating only on one section that you would like to work on. For example, a concentrated section of cellulite in your shoulder can be worked on intensively. Customers who choose this treatment can also change the section they wish to be worked on depending on the day. If you choose to have the body therapy course can change to the facial course during the course.

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This course is absolutely the one to choose to make a noticeable difference, yet relatively inexpensive.
The following menu outlines the state of the art endermologie and thermo shaping machines.

Who is this recommended for? This course is recommended for those who are worried about swelling, cellulite, easily fatigued, lower body weight difficult to lose weight from, poor circulation, feet constriction, and so on.
Price 1 time ¥30,000 (¥32,400
5 times ¥135,000 (¥145,800
10 times ¥240,000 (¥259,200
We offer a trial of this course for only ¥16,200.
The treatment procedure In total this treatment will take approximately 170 minutes. This consists of counselling, change of clothes, endermologie treatment (60 minutes), Thermo shaping (90 minutes).
The machine we use We use the latest LPG Endermologie machine and the Alma Laser Thermo shaping machine.



This treatment course is the most effective and quickest combination that you can choose to reach your ideal body quickly. It is a diamond combination course of endermologie and thermo shaping. At first, endermologie treatments help to improve the circulation of your blood. Then we use thermo-shaping to soften the fat effectively and create the ideal body line. It is almost as if the machine is sculpting your body and helping to create your curves. We recommend clients to have endermologie treatments a couple of times a week and thermo-shaping once every 3 weeks. After having the endermologie treatment, you can choose the part you wish to have done, such as thighs, waist, calves etc depending on the day and what you want. This course is recommended for those who want to have an “ideal” body line and who are willing to go slowly to shape their bodies with our endermologie treatments.

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When you are unsure of which course is best we recommend the following

Who is this recommended for? For clients wishing to obtain a slight change in their body
Price ¥300,000 (¥324,000 
The treatment procedure In total this treatment will take around 80 minutes. This consists of counselling, removal of clothes, and the endermologie treatment (60 minutes)
The machine we use Thermo shaping and endermologie machines


For those who want to change their bodies in as short a time as possible, we have developed a course for you. As the illustration shows, it is ideal for those who want to have a dramatic change. (The photograph is shown on the page discussing the machines we use.)

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Who is this recommended for? If you suffer from any of the following then this course is for you. Bloated and swelling of the body/easily fatigued/lower body feels bigger than upper body/ excess fat/cellulite/poor circulation/dry skin
Price ¥5,000 (¥5,400
The treatment procedure This treatment lasts approximately 110 minutes and consists of counselling, removal of clothes, endermologie treatment (60 minutes), and oil massage.
The machine we use LPG Endermologie machine


How about enjoying a relaxing oil massage after having any of our treatments? It helps to make your body deeply relaxed and stress-free by completely removing the cellulite broken up by the endermologie treatments and by using oil filled with moisturizing elements onto firm skin. This massage (all done by our practitioners) creates a firming of the legs and hands as well as helping to create a beautiful waist and collarbone.

After the thermo shaping treatment, your fat and cellulite will become smaller and separated. From there, we immediately put you through a detox massage using natural oils. By taking away the toxins from your body, we can help to create the ideal body line using the machines and hand massages in conjunction with each other.

We do the oil massage when the cellulite becomes soft and the circulation becomes better. Your body line will start looking better. You can also combine this and have a thorough treatment on the back and hips (which are difficult for you to reach yourself). Please come and enjoy complete bliss at OLIVE. Take pleasure in our massages which use organic oils bought from Europe and New Zealand.

※We also offer a massage only treatment package, but we recommend using it in conjunction with our machines for a more effective outcome.

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Why not rejuvenate your deflated breast and chest area?

Who is this recommended for? Shrivelling/sagging/wide body (???—broad)/nipple darkness—–worried about
Price 1 time ¥15,000 (¥16,200
We offer a trial of this course for only ¥8,100.
The treatment procedure The treatment lasts approximately 110 minutes and consists of counselling, removal of clothes, Endermologie treatment (60 minutes), and whitening treatment.
The machine we use LPG Endermologie machine

エンダモロジー オリーブスペシャル

The latest integral endermologie machine can help to lift your breast completely. It lifts your breast from the base of your arm to the breast with a process like tightening your skin. Lastly, we put a pack onto the skin, which contains a special blend of moisturizers and whitening effects in order to help to tighten your skin and give it a treatment, especially the part of the nipple which tends to be dry. Endermologie is not only a treatment for shaping (weight reduction and cellulite reduction) but also for tightening and lifting. You can change the direction of your breast by having a thorough treatment from décolleté to breasts. Come in and try it!

Endermologie is a weight reduction machine which is used and loved by most spas around the world, but it is very difficult and requires a high skill to use. At OLIVE, we have highly skilled practitioners who examine each client individually and assess their skin to give the best treatment course possible. The sagging or deflation of the breast is a natural process (with age), but there are ways that the breast can fall in a beautiful shape. This is what we have experienced with the machine and as such completely recommend it for our clients!