About our system

Q.Do you accept payment by credit card?
A.Yes. Please note though that we do not accept either of the following; revolving payments or monthly instalment payments.
Q.Is a reservation available online only?
A.We receive reservations either via online reservations or by phone.
Q.What time is your last appointment of the day?
A.Our closing time is 9PM. The last available appointment of the day is dependent on which treatment course you choose. Please ask our staff about this at the time of your reservation.
Q.Does a cancellation fee apply?
A.In the cases that you cancel on the day of your reservation, a cancellation fee of ¥2000 applies without exceptions.
Q.Is it possible to cancel my treatment contract midway through?
A.Yes, we will refund you your remaining balance. Please refer to the example below:
(For example: If you signed up for the 10 times treatment of the endermologie course (¥80,000) and had 6 treatments already (accumulative price being ¥60,000), we will refund a balance of 20,000 yen.
(¥80,000– ¥60,000= ¥20,000)
Q.Is it OK to change courses from endermologie to facial?
A.Yes. Also, those who signed up for the thermo shaping course can change treatment courses. (For instance, from full-body to facial) We are able to accept your request to change treatment courses on the day of the reservation.
Q.When are you closed?
A.We are closed on Mondays.
Q.What is OLIVE`s relationship with “Love Piece Club”?
A.Love Piece Club (LPC) is an adult sex toy shop. We sell adult products imported mainly from Europe. Olive is a beauty salon produced by LPC. Our clients can buy all the LPC products with a saving of 20%.

About thermo-shaping

Q.Does the thermo-shaping treatment involve any heat or pain?
A.Thermo shaping treatments help to make you feel relaxed and generally feel good. You will not feel any heat or pain. During the treatment, the lower layer of your skin heats up to a temperature of around 42 degrees. You won`t feel any heat on the surface of your skin because the thermo shape treatment uses radiofrequency waves to heat deep within the skin. The sensation you will feel is the same as if you are soaking in a hot spring. Also, it does not cause any low temperature burns on your skin.
Q.After undergoing the thermo-shaping treatment will I gain fat/cellulite back?
A.Once fat is burned, there will be no regaining of that fat back. Thermo shaping burns several millimetres and even sometimes centimetres of thick fat at a time. We recommend that you continue to undergo treatments until you reach your ideal body shape.
Q.Does intensive treatment on one part of the body have instantaneous results and does it work more effectively this way?
A.Thermo shaping works effectively through burning several centimetres of thick fat at a time. Even though treatments are not so focused only on one part of the body, the treatments are effective in helping you achieve your goals. So, it is better for you to undergo treatments until you reach your ideal body.
Q.Do you have any specific advice about diet after receiving thermo shaping treatments?
A.Basically, there is no need to restrict your diet. Thermo shaping helps to accelerate your metabolism and make your body able to absorb fat more easily. So after the treatment, we recommend for you to eat lightly or drink only water for several hours.
Q.How many treatments should I undergo to achieve a good result?
A.This is merely a guide, but generally speaking clients take 3-6 treatments. However, the effect of the machine varies from person to person, depending on your physical condition and the frequency of your treatments.
Q.For a good result, how often do I need to undergo treatments?
A.A. Ideally, it is recommended to undergo treatments once every 10-14 days. If you wish to get an instant result and treatments on several parts of the body, you can get treatments more frequently. Of course, even those who come to our salon only once a month also can achieve the same results.

About endermologie

Q.Is the endermologie treatment painful?
A.You may think that the endermologie treatment could be painful. Though it consists of constant suctioning combined with the pinching and pulling your skin, it is not a painful treatment. However, if a practitioner is inexperienced and uses the endermologie machine improperly, you may feel twinges of pain. Endermologie treatments do not work effectively when you feel pain. By pinching your skin softly, it stimulates dermis and facilitates the flow of blood.
Q.How many times should I get treatments?
A.The number of treatments you require is dependent on several factors. Firstly, it depends on your physical condition and how much weight you are willing to lose. You will not lose weight only in a single treatment. The continuation of the treatments results in the improvement in the flow of blood, decreasing one`s sensitivity to cold, the ability to burn fat and relieve swelling. Moreover, it keeps you in good shape.
If your legs are terribly swollen, we recommend you to get treatments once or twice a week for the first 3 months. After 3 months, you can make it once a month in concert with your life style. Endermologie is suitable for those who never get into the habit of doing Yoga or going to the gym. You will feel the changes in your body while relaxing.
Q.Is it ok to undergo the treatment during my menstrual cycle?
A.Yes. Except, we do not provide Lipomodelage on the abdominal area due to the strong stimulation from the treatment. If you have any concerns about treatments, feel free to ask our practitioners.
Q.Is it ok to undergo the treatments while pregnant?
A.Basically, we decline to provide full-body treatments for women who are pregnant. However, depending on your stage of pregnancy, we provide partial treatments, such as massaging stiff shoulders, relieving swollen feet and so on. We are willing to offer you consultation in advance. If you need our consultation services, please let us know when making a reservation.
Q.I am currently undergoing treatments for cancer. Is it ok to undergo endermologie treatments alongside this?
A.Endermologie is a treatment for improving blood circulation. As with efficacy of hot springs, there is a risk of activating cancer cells. However, we do not decline to provide treatments for cancer patients who are suffering from severe swelling. We have a unique understanding and compassion for cancer patients as one of our staff has also experienced cancer treatment. We are willing to help you to heal your tired body from radiation therapy or anticancer drugs. If you need our consultation services, please let us know when making a reservation.
Q.Is to OK to bring my child with me while undergoing treatments?
A.Yes. Our treatment rooms are fully-partitioned. You can stay in the room with your child and also there is enough space for a stroller. When you accompany a child, please let us know in advance.

About Brazilian Wax & Pubic Care

《Brazilian Wax・Q&A》

Q.What is a Brazilian Wax?
A.Brazilian wax is the removal of pubic hair. The origin of the name “A Brazilian” comes directly from Brazil with the culture of Brazilian samba dancing where dancers must wear G-string-like costumes. The traditional form of a Brazilian wax (done traditionally in Egypt as well) which has been done for a long time involves the use of beeswax made from all-natural ingredients (100% honey/beeswax). The removal of the hair is done via the root of the hair. There is little to no discomfort when the removal takes place and afterwards when the hair grows back. The irritation to the skin is minimal. This is a highly secure method of hair removal.
Q.What are the benefits of a Brazilian wax?
A.We remove dead skin cells along the base of hair. Therefore, this is vastly different to the usual method of hair removal via tweezers and shaving without the irritation of prickly hair when it grows back. The benefit of a Brazilian wax is that it lasts a minimum of 2 weeks before noticeable hair re-growth, and even up to 6 weeks on some people. The skin becomes soft and smooth to the touch. This treatment is highly suitable for those who have skin irritations/problems including dry and scaly and stuffy skin. The whole body can be done in a similar manner (buttocks, back, hands, and feet). The application of make-up appears more radiant and bright.
Q.What are the detriments of a Brazilian wax?
A.Brazilian waxes can cause discomfort. At OLIVE we continue at the clients pace and your comfort level. Please be assured that we will ensure the comfort of our clients at all stages and we do these treatments slowly. We are proud to say that we have never had customers cease this course. Brazilian waxes are not permanent. Follow-up treatments are required on a regular basis.
Q.How much hair growth is required to have a Brazilian wax?
A.Hair re-growth of 7mm or more is adequate for a successful Brazilian wax. Please refrain from home-hair-removal such as tweezers or shaving in between bookings.
※There are cases where Brazilian waxes cannot be done if hair length is too short.
Q.How long does the Brazilian wax treatment take?
A.Depending on the amount of hair removal, it approximately takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Come to our clinic and the total time from entering the clinic to leaving is anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.
A.As practitioners, hygiene is of the utmost importance. At OLIVE we use disposable wooden applicators and sheets that are used on the skin. When the use of tweezers is necessary, we use an ultraviolet disinfection method using ethanol to sterilize the implements.
Q.During menstruation is a Brazilian wax still able to be performed?
A.Treatment is possible during menstruation cycles, but due to the hormone imbalances, your skin may become extra sensitive especially to treatments such as waxes. If you are extra sensitive to the temperature of the wax, it is possible to adjust these to reduce the pain. Please feel free to mention to us if you have your menstruation cycle at the time of the appointment and we have available tampons for your use.
Q.What is a V-Line? I Line? O Line? Can I leave hair?
A.The bikini line is known as the V-Line, the labia lips/vulva is known as the I-Line and finally the O-Line includes the hair around the anus. We provide services for all these hair-removal options to ensure our clients have every choice open to them. You are free to disclose the shape that you wish, whether a heart shape, I-Line, O-Line etc. Please feel free to discuss this with us.
Q.Are there any precautions that must be taken after the treatment?
A.On the day of the treatment, ensure that your skin is well protected from irritations such as sunburn or swimming in pools. Avoid bathing; a simple shower should be sufficient to cleanse yourself. In rare cases, some people experience skin inflammation and or hair can become enclosed under the skin. Some people experience skin inflammation due to hair below the skin. This occurs whereby the stiff hair grows beneath the skin layer. By continuing with Brazilian waxes, skin is kept soft, clean and hair troubles will gradually become less problematic.
Q.What is the difference with laser treatment?
A.Complete hair removal done via laser hair removal treatments must be done about 3 to 5 times a year. Hair loss is not completely removed on the day, but over a period of about 10 days after the treatment, noticeable hair loss is seen. Your skin will be soft and smooth after your Brazilian wax. Brazilian waxes are for people who wish to remove their body hair without any worry or grief over the removal, or for those who have several thick hair regrowth after laser hair removal treatments. We especially recommend Brazilian waxes for those worried about grey hair growth as laser treatment cannot be done on grey hairs, whereas Brazilian waxes can remove hair completely.
Q.During pregnancy is the treatment safe/ok?
A.The method of Brazilian wax application means that somewhat excessive force may be applied to the crotch area. In addition to this, there is also some pressure on the stomach area and a small moment of pain, thus it is not recommended for pregnant women. However, if you wish to have hair removal on other areas such as nose hair, facial hair and so on (excluding the VIO areas), then please feel free to contact us by all means.
Q.Can children accompany their parent/guardian into the treatment room?
A.Both the child and parent/guardian can go into the treatment room together. The pram/stroller may be placed in the room where the treatment is performed. Please contact us if you intend to bring your child along so that we may make necessary preparations.

《Buttocks Q&A》

Q.Do I feel any sensations on my skin during the peeling treatment?
A.After the treatment, each client has a different feeling or tingling sensation which is dependent on the individual. Some people worry the treatment is not working if they don`t feel any kind of sensation from the peel. Do not worry; it works even if you do not sense it working. At first, we go slowly for those new to the “peeling” treatment. Then, as you become more accustomed to the treatment, we continue to increase the amount of time and thus the concentration o f the peel.
Q.Will my skin whiten immediately?
A.You do not get complete whitening on the first go, but you may feel a translucency or realise that the texture of your skin is altered and the “dullness” has disappeared. The whitening effect will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth and this sensation will increase over the course of the treatment schedule.
Q.Can the peeling treatment be used for other areas not only for the vagina or buttocks?
A.Yes, it can be used for other areas.
Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your various options.
Q.Can I take a before and after photo to see the difference?
A.Of course you can. We will take a picture of you before and after on a digital camera and if you wish on your own mobile phone.

《Whitening treatment pack Q&A》

Q.Can I have the whitening treatment the day after a Brazilian wax?
A.At OLIVE we offer two types of treatment packs. One is the treatment using the peeling agent and the other is done via a non-peeling agent. The pores, immediately after having a Brazilian wax are widely exposed, so we use less stimulating agents. We change the concentration of the agent depending on each client and conduct patch tests on our clients’ skin to ensure it is safe to proceed. If you want to have a whitening pack by using the peeling wax, it is better to wait a couple of days after having a VIO wax, to have it done. This would make sure that the treatment would be more noticeable.
Q.Do you turn white immediately? Does the treatment have immediate results?
A.The whitening process occurs over a number of treatments. With each treatment, keratin is gradually removed and as this is repeated over several appointments, you will be able to see a gradual whitening of the skin.
Q.Is the application/removal process of the peeling agent painful if it comes into contact with the vagina?
A.At OLIVE we take great care to ensure that our treatments are conducted carefully and with the utmost care, so that in this case the peeling agent does not come into contact with the vaginal area. If, by some chance, it does come into contact then we will react accordingly and respond.