What is Thermo-shaping?

The thermo-shaping machine uses radio waves by applying a 43 degree heat to move fat cells and allow them to flow freely throughout the body (In actual fact the client does not feel any heat at all). Each application focuses on one area such the waist, back, the thighs and so on.

The thermo-shaping treatment can also be done on your face as it stimulates collagen and firms up your skin. It is an overwhelmingly powerful machine, and as such is a very popular machine. Once customers experience this machine many come back for more treatments. You should try it and you too will realize how amazing this machine is! OLIVE uses the thermo-shaping machine produced by Alma Laser Company which was first established in 2004. Even though it was only set up in 2004, it has fast become one of the most popular estee tools used in over 40countries around the world. Before this machine was developed the previous machines used electric currents for the radio wave machine, but the thermo-shaping machine uses electric waves instead of electric currents. This means it radiates very high energy frequency waves, which enables it to target heat on to the fat directly within a short period of time. It can soften the fat in a short time safely, without having any rough, invasive treatment such as liposuction.

What we can do with thermo-shaping

BODY Similar to sculpting, we work with our clients to help create a bodyline by focusing on certain parts of the body that the client wishes to improve.
The clients who we recommend for this treatment: For those who find it difficult to remove fat, severe saggy skin and hard to get rid of cellulite
The clients who we do not recommend this treatment for: Those with severe swelling (we recommend the combination of endermologie and thermo-shaping)
The treatment term: once every three weeks, then we decide on the number of times to repeat the process depending on the results from the first treatment term.
face We use the machine to firm up the skin by activating collagen and also lifting up the skin.
The customer that we recommend this treatment for: For those who are worried about sagging skin and wrinkles, and for those whose faces are rounder than before
The treatment term: Once every three weeks, then we decide the number of times depending on the results from the first treatment term.

The results

You will notice the gradual changes in your skin condition as you keep having this treatment.

Thermo-shaping at OLIVE

We place ourselves in our clients` shoes and try to understand what each client wants, as such we offer this treatment with the individual client in mind. The thermo-shaping machine is quite powerful and as such there are a few draw backs if it is not done well; for example, the skin may sag too much if the fat is allowed to dissolve too much and the same with the face (will become rounder and bigger).
Therefore, we again wish to emphasise that all our staff have the correct knowledge and sound judgement to use this machine properly. We understand the machine and how to use it, but we also understand each client`s body line, the structure of their muscles and so forth. We seriously examine and consider the best options for each client`s condition and as such use this machine which we “fell in love with” from the outset.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.