What is Endermologie?

The endermologie machine was developed in France in 1986. It was created as a medical tool to treat burns, injuries and scars. What the machine does is to pull the skin up (almost like pinching the skin), to help expand your blood vessels and to improve overall blood circulation for your whole body. By doing this, it activates the skin and as such it has become widely used in dermatology as a treatment for injuries.

It was discovered that patients` (those undertaking endermologie treatments) physical conditions improved over time and that there were clear signs of positive effects on cellulite and subcutaneous fat. As a result, it became popular almost overnight, as a tool for weight reduction. This machine was first introduced in Japan in 2000. Since then, it has been the most popular machine for weight reduction. Even since 2000, the machine`s technology has been improving in leaps and bounds. At OLIVE we have the latest Cellu M6 Integral S endermologie machine.

There is a massage technique called drainage which originated from Europe. This massage stimulates the lymph by just touching gently and expanding the blood vessels through a process of pinching the skin, and helps you detox the body and improve blood circulation. This style is very different from Asian style massages which use (for example) finger-pressure treatment massages.

Endermologie massages soften congealed cellulite and subcutaneous fat and forms them into small pieces. Cold fat cells can be warmed by stimulating blood vessels flowing between fats, thus the fat cells become soft. Endermologie does not crush or remove fat cells, but by making them soft, the fat cells become easier to reduce and to be discharged as waste. In addition to that, poor circulation can be improved by making blood circulation better. As a result, it is reported that customers who undergo endermologie treatments find significant improvements in their health conditions.

Even though this machine was developed in France, it is now widely used around the world in gyms, beauty salons, and even hospitals. At OLIVE we first introduced this machine in 2012. This endermologie machine is the one that reduces fat cells through its special process, without harm or discomfort to the client. It does not remove the fat in a rough or forcible manner.

We decided to introduce this machine at OLIVE after first testing and trialling it out and instantly “falling in love” with it. Fat is part of our body (part of everyone`s body). We believe that this machine is the best way to remove fat cells over a period of time alongside a harmonious relationship with your body`s inner voice and leading to a glowing and supple skin together with a healthier body condition.

What we can do with Endermologie

BODY If you are having troubles getting your body to “bounce back” into its normal curves, we can help your body firm up over a period of time.
Who we recommend this for If you suffer from any of the following then this treatment is for you; severe swelling, troublesome cellulite, poor blood circulation or drab skin, unable to lose weight in spite of exercise, or if you are plump but solidly built.
Treatment schedule The first 3 months we offer you a treatment course and then after three months we recommend following a treatment schedule to consist of once or twice weekly appointments. After that, we can arrange a schedule suitable to each client. We help you to create a perfect bodyline by improving your health and body over time. This treatment is for clients who are serious about working on their body and who understand that it will take time to achieve the desired results.
face We can utilize this treatment to work on the outer corner of the eyes (the wrinkles), lips, and other soft tissue to help lift them up and make them brighter and more glowing.
Who we recommend this for This treatment is recommended for those with rough skin from the result of pimples, acne, poor blood circulation, drab skin or severe swelling.
Treatment schedule We recommend this treatment once or twice a week for a period of 3 months. We help to lift your skin up through a combination of the treatment alongside your own inner power without using any surgical treatment. Through this we are able to lead your skin to be free of swelling and make it brighter. This course is for clients who want to make a serious change and are willing to put in the effort to achieve the results.

How Endermologie works and its effects

People have a misconception to think that as this is a machine it is suitable for anyone to use. But in actuality, we know from hands on experience, that the results are vastly different dependent on the esthetician controlling it.

Endermologie has several effects

Drainage massage for those who have poor blood circulation and swelling
(Pinched and stretched blood vessels, make blood circulation better and
remove swelling)
Sculpting for those who are covered with rigid fat, it helps to break up fat surface Cellulite care→soften cellulite
Cellulite care soften cellulite
Firming to help make the skin firm and taut
Lipomoderague breaks up fat on muscles and allows it to flow freely

The treatment schedule and aims for each client are different and are highly dependent on the effects of the endermologie machine on each individual. Endermologie should be customized for each client’s needs and wants such as a definite bodyline, the location of the fat, softness, swelling, or poor blood circulation. However, most estee salons have treatment courses available to cater to clients but without any consideration of the individual. For example they have a drainage massage for 20 minutes, sculpting for 10 minutes, firming for 10 minutes then a lipomoderague for 15 minutes. (The same process is used for every client irrelevant of their needs or wants or differences in their bodies.)

In actuality (as an example) it is better to give a thorough drainage massage treatment using the entire treatment time, for those who have severe swelling and severe blood circulations issues. It is better to have a totally different course for those who have hard muscles. Because of this, the endermologie machine requires an esthetician`s thorough consideration, good judgement, knowledge about which massage should be used for each client and so on, in order to be used properly, effectively and ensuring the best results.

At OLIVE, endermologie treatments are done by experienced and well-trained estheticians. We also aim to ensure the ambiance, surroundings and atmosphere are optimum for the best results for each client. Our estheticians consider each client thoroughly before each treatment. After all, the key to endermologie is to utilize the insights, perceptions and good judgements of well-trained professionals.

Endermologie at OLIVE

As you get older, your skin begins to sag slowly, the body starts collecting fat under the skin which slowly moves onto internal organs more easily than before, wastes inside the body do not flow easily and the body gets swollen and cold easily, which are all natural process and a fact of aging.

Having said that, these symptoms such as swelling, fats and poor blood circulation become burdensome to our bodies which are being more and more pressured each day. Even though we know these are all natural process, we do not like to be told by friends [Are you tired?] because of swelling and darkness of the skin. The ideal situation is to grow old comfortably and in the best condition possible.

At Olive, some of our own staff are in their 40’s and as such have first-hand experience how hard it is to remove their own fat and how the skin changes over time. Therefore, we opened this salon with the aim to create the best salon possible with a deep knowledge and understanding of varying treatments, and with an aspiration for us all to enjoy our body`s changing conditions (it may be indicative of the aging process) at the same time.

There is an abundance of questions we often ask ourselves; Why are we more likely to have fat collecting within our bodies? Why does our skin sag? What is lymph? Why does our skin become darkish and swollen due to the congestion of the waste within our bodies? Why do we have poor blood circulation even though we wear socks in our house? Each of us is a professional to our own bodies and generally understand the small changes that are happening to us, but we cannot explain how our body works and do not necessarily know how to improve our health conditions by ourselves. These situations are considered thoroughly and studied at our salon. Even the staff at OLIVE who are not estheticians study and understand these questions from the beginning.

OLIVE is a serious estee clinic for all, but especially for middle aged women. We consider each client`s needs thoroughly and utilize the use of the world`s best machine that we, ourselves, trust and have “fallen in love” with.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about this machine, its effects, and results and so on.