In 1996 I started an adult sex goods shop for women called the “Love Peace Club”. It is a shop with the aim for women to proactively enjoy sex. 15 years ago, when I started up, there were few women in their 40`s came to Love Peace Club. Nowadays, we have a more diverse market, ranging from the younger generation to the older generations visiting us. Women who grow up in a society that trivialises females by saying “because you are a woman…”tend to think “I am an old woman…” and as they get older they try to put a lid on their desires. We do not have to do that. I want to be comfortable and I want to enjoy my body freely which includes enjoying sex more. What is wrong with saying these things as a mature woman? My feelings became stronger the more I talked to my generation and those senior to myself.

This was a decade ago. I was having a meal with my grandmother in a department store at the time. My grandmother was 75 years old then. I was passing the women`s clothing section in the department store and saw a beautiful light green piece of clothing and thought it might suit my grandmother. So I said “Grandma try this on. Let me buy this as a present for you!” But I will never forget her face at the time when I held it up for her to see. She suddenly grabbed the clothing and said “Stop” in such a strong tone of voice that it took me unawares and confused me. The way she said it was so loud and she went on to say it didn’t look good and it was useless. This thinking was so stubborn and narrow-minded.
I remember my grandmother was a very beautiful, striking and lively woman when she was younger. Yet, I don’t think she perceived herself the same way. I just did not realise that looking in the mirror became painful for her as she got older. I just did not realise that she found no pleasure in putting on makeup, dressing up and did not want to see herself or look at herself.

At that time, I thought to myself and wondered if in the society we live in, if there were women who were not afraid of their age. In this country, younger women are pampered so as to fight the aging process. The older we get, the more uncomfortable a woman`s feeling deepens. But why? What is this about? I thought the world was somehow wrong and not what it should be. The older we get, the less confidence we have in ourselves. Isn’t it hard if we lose our confidence because we fall out of love with ourselves and resist looking at mirrors for fear of what it may reveal and show to us?

Some people say it is disgraceful for a woman of a certain age to be flirting with men, still putting on makeup or going to the salon to have some treatments. Some people despise those who wish to have dreams, to be attractive and to have sexual desires. However, I think the women who carry out their desires are more free and more admirable. I believe society will become more exciting if there are more women who can be honest with what they want. I wish my grandmother would have known how she could have enjoyed her time by pampering and indulging herself entirely. I wish I could have told her that there was a way we can enjoy our femininity no matter how old we are…and how enjoyable our lives could be then.

Well, the introduction was a little bit long. Anyway, we started off our salon hoping to fulfil women’s’ needs such as enjoying their femininity and indulging themselves. To me, aesthetic treatments are the same as vibrators. These are the tools for your pleasure.

I have been to many estee salons. But I often thought their aggressive solicitation by staff to sell products and services were too much and too strong. And the poor women working in the estee salons had a low salary and were often thought of as disposable workers. Many estee salons are actually owned by men, especially those that are expanded and become bigger. Having this feeling was not good for me. I thought to myself “this is not what an estee salon is and it is not what women are looking for”. Looking around at the options available, there were no exclusive salons or any with special spaces and ones where the talk of sex is possible without it being thought of as taboo. I wanted to create a pleasant place to enjoy work and I began to strengthen my thoughts toward this. People`s bodies change depending on how they maintain their bodies. If women open up and say what they want, they can change. It does not matter if they are ugly, selfish or whatever.

I wanted to do this for myself and to enjoy it. So I decided to open up my own estee salon. And I invited my 85 year old grandmother to be first to try it out. And everyone, please come by and visit my estee salon. Together we can enjoy it, savour it and feel free with our bodies.