The first time I went into an Este Clinic I remember feeling very nervous and anxious.

The first time I went into an Este Clinic I remember feeling very nervous and anxious.
Being alone and completely naked in front of the esthetician in the private room made me feel very tense and apprehensive and I was uncomfortable to show my body in front of others. It is a vastly different and more personal experience from going to either a nail or hair salon.

We began OLIVE with the vision to make our clinic one that our clientele could trust and have confidence in coming to. At OLIVE we offer a vast array of services ranging from whitening of the genitalia treatments, Brazilian waxes, face lifts (massages etc to help elasticise your skin on your face), face packs and body slimming treatments.

Irrespective of age, our Estee Clinic aims to offer you a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Your beauty will shine out. We sincerely hope that you visit our Este Clinic and remember fondly your experience with us. Keep in mind we do whitening, endermologie, Brazilian wax and thermostat shaping of the genitals and buttocks.

We don’t do aggressive selling or insist on instalment payments

From our own personal experiences as patrons of Este Salons, we have a unique understanding that customers dislike being aggressively solicited by staff into purchasing unwanted services and products and furthermore forced into payment schemes upon entering the salon. At OLIVE we do not impose such sales targets on our staff.

You can choose to stop your course at any time and you are only charged for the treatments done. For clients who wish to continue treatments over a longer period of time, we do offer discounts, though we never try to push clients into accepting these courses. (We don`t show before and after images to our customers.)We have created an estee clinic that you can enjoy in peace, free of pressure of purchasing products or extra treatments you do not want.

By appointment only treatments and in-depth counselling

From the owner to the beauticians, our whole clinic is staffed by females. As a client you can receive your treatments in peace and in a space where you can be free to be yourself. Your appointments will be managed in a peaceful and relaxing way. (Some salons try to pressure you to lose your weight to enhance your beauty- we don’t do this.) Our staff are committed to ensuring clients are treated respectfully and are not counselled in an aggressive manner. We don’t aggressively sell/force customers to buy our products/services.

OLIVE Produced by Love Peace Club (owner Minori Kitahara)

At OLIVE we promote a healthy female sexuality. Women should be able to feel a sense of comfort whilst being pampered by our staff.

We don’t deny that women desire to be beautiful within themselves!

As women we are constantly being judged by our appearances. Therefore we think that we should be free from these constraints that men put on us to continually be beautiful. We are against this kind of unhealthy discrimination. Having said that, we don’t deny that women desire to be beautiful within themselves, or to minimise their own dreams of attaining beauty. The word “beauty” has in itself a double meaning— women who are not considered to be beautiful by society`s standards are discriminated against for their lack of beauty, but also beautiful women are the target of slander from society for being too beautiful. Either way women may not understand their inner beauty or attain their inner beauty because of the fear they have of reaching it. OLIVE wants women to attain their inner beauty and feel amazing about it—this is our company`s concept and goal.

Society judges “us” women especially as we age and we are told what is appropriate for our age (image, clothes, styling etc). But as women, “we” want to be sexy forever. We want to have sex and intimate relationships while keeping our beautiful womanly shapes. However, in society (in Japan and around the world) older women are often referred to as “Obasan`s”, meaning Aunt or older lady. It is a very non-flattering label many of us must endure. The small glances here and there by passersby are what we must put up with. No matter what we do, we are continually judged by our appearance, our beauty, and our age. It seems that this judging is repeatedly negative. It is so hard to live each day under such a microscope.

Become free of the restraints by society about your beauty. Don`t be afraid to clean your body and spirit. Take care of yourself. This is what we are all about at OLIVE. (Don’t be shy to be beautiful just take care of yourself; body, mind and spirit. —love yourself.)Every age has its own definition of beauty. Everyone has inner beauty. These words themselves do an injustice to women who resist getting older and tells them that they should make their inner beauty shine out more.

However, our minds are not things that we can “polish”, or strengthen significantly, or even add muscle to. Our minds are free and free of outwardly pressures. On the other hand and alongside all this, it is difficult to attain all you want without exercising the body. You must keep your body well-maintained or you won`t be able to avail yourself of its benefits. But … the way you walk, your posture, the curve of your waistline, your knees, your core muscles, thighs and buttocks covered in the wave of cellulite-ridden dimples.

You can begin your body restoration at any age to help make your life that little bit easier. This is why the body is interesting. The body is filled softness, freedom, a past and future all rolled into such a wonderful thing.

Achieving a target age younger than what one looks is not what we are aiming for (such as 5 years younger etc). What we want is for women to feel a sense of freedom with their bodies. The most important thing for us is for you to attain an acceptance of your body. Women who are able to do these kinds of affirmations are able to live their lives openly and enjoyably.

We at OLIVE support the freedom that you can change into what you want to be, not living in constant wonder and scrutiny trying to live up to other peoples ideals of what figures we should have. Working on the body is completely different to working on the mind. The process to do this is quite practical.

So in order to get these results, we at OLIVE use the world`s most advanced Este machine to help you perfect your body to what you want it to be. Our staff will do their best to help you attain your goals.